How To Quickly Distinguish Whether A Jacuzzi Has Been Used

Is the used jacuzzi for sale you found on Craigslist used? You can easily tell by looking for these 5 signs.

1) Look under the water jets to see if there are any dirt stains or hair buildup. If there is, it's used!

2) Check the bottom of the tub - if it has a ring, then it's used.

3) Take a look at the handles - if they have fingerprints, then someone else has used them before you could get your hands on them!

4) Make sure that all of the seats are facing inwards - this means that no one has taken advantage of this jacuzzi while it was unattended and used it while sitting backwards in order to not face the other party members.

- If all of the seats are facing inward, then your used jacuzzi for sale is used!

- However, if some of them face inwards and others outwards...well that shows a little more use than normal but it's not used at this point yet :)

- There shouldn't be any used jacuzzi for sale signs on used jacuzzis.

- Make sure that there's no water damage, such as rust or mold...that would be pretty gross to have in a Jacuzzi!

- Also check for any missing jets - you shouldn't need to replace them with used ones. If they're used already then it might not even last very long before something else malfunctions and breaks down while using the tub.

If all of these things are right about your used jacuzzi for sale, then congratulations: You've got yourself an awesome deal on some new used luxury spa equipment! Just make sure to wipe out the hairs that were left behind (they'll probably still be wet!) so that you don't end up with used jacuzzi for sale signs!

- If some of them are missing, it may be used but this is not likely to happen.

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