How to choose your Jacuzzi for maximum well-being?

Pure definition, whirlpools or spas are more or less large baths equipped with nozzles propelling a mixture of air and water. Immersion in this hot whirlpool water provides an immediate feeling of relaxation and relaxation. In, you can choose between a wide range of jacuzzi models.

How does it work?

In this large tub, bubbling water is constantly heated to around 38 ° (and up to 40 °). It should be noted that the water is not emptied after a session but quarterly because the water is treated, filtered and recycled continuously. Indeed, the acrylic walls of the Jacuzzi are equipped with nozzles, devices that massage the body thanks to the propulsion of air and water. Some jacuzzis also have a blower or blower which creates thousands of small air bubbles and increases the massaging and therapeutic power of the Jacuzzi.

What parameters should be considered in order to choose the right jacuzzi?

A jacuzzi has two purposes: relaxation, which is recommended after a hard and stressful day at work, or a therapeutic tool that allows you to relieve yourself of certain ailments such as rheumatism and other pains. If your choice is then the first, your choice should be oriented more towards a jacuzzi which offers subdued lights, simplified ergonomics, installation in a particular setting ... While if you are more interested in the second option, focus in priority on the choice of the jets which are installed in your jacuzzi, their number, their location, their power and their characteristics.

Think about the right location to install your jacuzzi?

You have two choices: install your jacuzzi indoors or outdoors! you must first make sure that the surface that accommodates the jacuzzi is flat and table-top and that a water inlet and an electrical outlet are nearby. You also need to harmonize the space as best as possible so that the hot tub fits well with your garden. But if you are setting up your hot tub indoors, ensure good ventilation, find your dream hot tubs and spas for sale at Tropicspa.


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