What sort of spices are edible for animals ?

Like all living things, animals need to feed themselves. But, some varieties of food are harmful to their bodies like spices. However, certain kinds of spices are edible to them. It is true that some spices can cause the death of these beings but know that we can not still deprive them of all these varieties. It is possible to make them taste what is spicy without degrading their health.

Some spices excellent for their health

And yes, not all spices are necessarily harmful to the health of our animal friends. This is what a ruminant feed formulation informs us about. The spices that we consider "toxic" for animals are not finally. You just have to respect a certain dose and not abuse. Rosemary for example a lot of vitamin B6, iron and calcium; which is great for the brain. Parsley is also very good for their health. Contrary to what we think, it soothes stomach pains. Turmeric is also highly recommended for both men and animals. It not only plays a role of detoxification, purification but also acts against the internal microbes.


People often tend to confuse spicy and spicy. While they are both pungent but unlike peppers, spices are not all toxic to animals. It is also very important to clarify, or even support, that peppers are almost deadly for these animals. Even in small doses, there will inevitably be more or less negative consequences. Which is not the case of spices. They are edible and more importantly, they are indispensable for their being and their health. Just respect the dose. A lack of attention on this dosage can still have a bad impact. The same consequences as peppers? Not exactly, but it's all the same bad they are afflicted. Take good care of those beings who make our lives, they contribute to our happiness.

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