Your top of the range jacuzzi just in time for the summer

There’s no easier thanks to desire a millionaire than to possess a Jacuzzi within the back garden! Our inflatable spas will have you ever and your friends and family relaxing in warm bubbles within the comfort of your own garden in no time. If the weather plays ball, why not get your very own paddling or swimming bath for the rear garden. We’ve inflatable and steel framed pools in various sizes to fit your budget.

Keep your bathtub water year round

While many bathtub users like better to keep their jacuzzi water hot year round, every summer, some users search for ways to chill down in their spas. Usually, that involves turning off the heater and letting the water slowly cool over time.

Family Benefits

A bathtub can enhance communication between relations as they spend time together, freed from distractions and devices. Quality family time is enhanced and it’s excellent thanks to reconnect after a busy day. By creating a cool getaway during a hot summer day, your Caldera Spas bathtub can become an excellent place for a family to collect, cool off and relax.

Your Spa’s Maximum Temperature

All spas are designed to not surpass a maximum temperature of 104°F, but only a few people prefer to set their spa temperature this high. The buyer product safety administration recommends that healthy adults set the water temperature at 100°F for safe enjoyment.

The good news about running a bathtub

The good news is that hot tubs are designed to be left on, in order that they have many features which help them to take care of their temperature and thus reduce running costs. This is often where you’ll see an enormous difference between the performance of a high-quality tub and an inexpensive one.

Good quality hot tubs have insulating side panels and covers in order that the maximum amount heat as possible is kept within the water. They even have simpler heating elements which reduce the time and energy required to feature heat when necessary.

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